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Why advertise with the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute?

  • We reach every continent, with a database of: 50,000 (80% hotels and hospitality institutions; 20% academic institutions).
  • The database is maintained and updated monthly.
  • We have a global social media presence on: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • Banners are visible on the monthly newsletter, which links to our website, www.ahlei.org, giving you more exposure and web presence.
  • The Educational Institute is the premier leader in hospitality development, training, education, and certification.  

Newsletter Banner Terms, Specifications and Pricing, Payment 

Newsletter Banner Terms

  • The Educational Institute has the final decision as to its publication, use and distribution within their newsletter. By submitting your banner to the Educational Institute you agree to its publication in the monthly newsletter.  If for whatever reason should it be required to change your banner location within the newsletter, the Educational Institute will try its best to accommodate (client must give the Educational Institute 5-day business notice). Should the new location represent less value as stated in the banner ad summary, the Educational Institute will compensate accordingly.
  • The Educational Institute reserves the final right of refusal if a banner/content is considered not suitable for its newsletter/site.  Should that be the case, the fees paid related to the particular banner/content will be credited.
  • The Educational Institute will generate a traffic report upon request, which shows impression rate.
  • Banner ads or any other advertising options offered by the Educational Institute do not guarantee an increase of website traffic or business requests.  

Specifications and Pricing

  • No flash and no animation.  Static banner ads only.
  • Formats accepted only: JPG, GIF or PDF.  Image must be no greater than 35KB.
  • You will need to provide URL where banner will link to.
  • Horizontal banner size specs: 699px x 85px          Pricing: $375USD per month
  • Vertical banner size specs: 160px x 400px             Pricing: $475USD per month (top position)
  • Vertical banner size specs: 160px x 400px             Pricing: $375USD per month (2nd, 3rd position)


  • Payment must be made in US dollars and is non-refundable (unless we determine not to use the banner due to content).
  • Payment must be submitted in advance (10-business days from advertising release).
  • The Educational Institute will credit cards, and international wire transfers.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice.

For more information, email marketing@ahla.com or call +1.407.999.8100.

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