Certified Hotel Concierge (CHC)

Certified Hotel Concierge (CHC)


Membership BenefitsMembership Benefits

Member: $275.00
Nonmember: $325.00

LCD USA The hospitality industry is acknowledging the value of concierge services more than ever, with increasing demand for qualified concierges.  AHLEI, Les Clefs d'Or USA, and The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) have created the Certified Hotel Concierge (CHC SM ) credential to establish a baseline global professional standard for hotel concierges. 

The certification preparation takes into account key trends shaping the profession, from the use of technology and the Internet to growing demand for personalized service, expectations of global and cultural awareness, and the need for diversity and multilingual talent. It also sets standards for ethics and risk management. 

Enrollment fee includes: CHC SM print materials, self-paced online workshop, exam, and certificate upon successful completion of the exam. 

Candidates may also choose to participate in an in-person workshop for an additional $75 fee. To request a workshop for your group or organization, contact chc@tisoh.com.  

Hospitality organizations may choose to offer the CHC SM to groups of participants. Tiered pricing and quantity discounts are available. Contact an AHLEI sales manager to request a pricing agreement.

The CHC SM designation may be used on letterhead, business cards, and other writings.


Every five years, the Certification Commission will recertify those who qualify based on successful completion of a CHC  SM  recertification exam. A new certificate is awarded at the time of each recertification.  Recertification fee is USD$100.

For additional information, please contact the Professional Certification Department: 
email:  certification@ahla.com   | Phone +1.407.999.8100 or 1.888.575.8726 | Fax: +1.407.236.7848 or +1.407.999.8610


Candidates may qualify in multiple ways: 
Plan A -- Education Emphasis

  • Successful completion of the Art of Concierge program with The International School of Hospitality (www.tisoh.com) 

Plan B -- Experience Emphasis (three ways to qualify)

  • Currently employed full time as a hotel lobby concierge with at least 90 days' experience in the field.
  • Educators Only: Currently teaching a course in concierge at an accredited academic institution.
  • Les Clefs d'Or Members Only: Currently a member in good standing with Les Clefs d'Or.

Printable Application 
Download the Certified Hotel Concierge application form (PDF)  
Submit the completed and signed application with the following documents: 

  • Current Résumé
  • Job Description
  • Employment Verification Form (signed by your immediate supervisor)
  • Copy of diploma or transcripts (if applying under Plan A)
  • Complete payment
  • Les Clefs d'Or proof of membership (if applicable)

Upon enrollment, Certified Hotel Concierge candidates will receive a package of print and online resources to assist them in preparing for the certification exam. 

The CHC SM Study Guide Package contains the following components:

  • CHC SM  workbook, featuring 14 chapters written by Les Clefs d'Or members, each focusing on a competency identified as being of critical importance to the success of a hotel concierge. Topic areas include: communication, operational management, professionalism, perception and knowledge, and relationships.
  • Access to online workshop hosted on The International School of Hospitality (TISOH) Learning Management System

The CHC SM exam is a 60-question multiple choice exam that can be taken at the conclusion of the CHC SM workshop (classroom or online), or within two weeks after the workshop with an approved proctor. Candidates will have 75 minutes to complete the exam.


A score of 70% is required to pass.


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