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      Customized Textbooks Benefit Professors and Students

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      When curriculum changes at Sullivan University’s National Center for Hospitality Studies led to a course that included housekeeping, maintenance, and front office, associate professor Dawn L. McGiffen, CHA, CRDE, CHE, CHS, turned to the Educational Institute for a Customized Textbook. Working with an EI academic account executive, she chose chapters from three different EI books to create a single publication that reflected the content of the class.

      “The three EI texts for front office, housekeeping and property operations maintenance developed into a customized text is excellent. We selected the content that would provide the operations of each department and the importance of their working relationship of the hotel,” said McGiffen. “There are so many new specialized businesses in our industry and a customized textbook allows universities and instructors to tailor the content to prepare our students in many types of properties.”

      Customized textbooks can have any number of chapters—from a two-chapter supplement to a multi-volume text. In addition to chapters from EI textbooks and supplemental textbooks, professors can add their own non-copyrighted materials, then arrange the materials in a way that makes sense for their syllabus.  The Customized Textbook’s cover includes their name and the name of their course—it’s unique to that instructor and school. 

      Anthony Agbeh, a hospitality instructor at Southern Illinois University said that while he likes how easy the process is to create a Customized Textbooks, his students most appreciate the savings. “I do not have to have two to three textbooks for a course. The students like that because it is cost effective, and they don’t have to buy two books. It is one-stop shopping,” he explained. 

      Customized Textbooks chapters are $6 each, and there is a minimum initial order of five books. Because the books are created to each instructor’s specifications, Customized Textbooks are nonreturnable.  

      For more information: 

      eMail: academics@ahla.com | Phone: 800.349.0299 or +1.517.372.8800 

      Published: Feb. 2013.

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