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      EI Continues Development Work with USAID in Albania

      Certified Hospitality Trainer Session in Albania

      USAID Rritje Albania, a Competitive Enterprise Development Project, hosted three EI training and certification programs for the Certified Hospitality Trainer (CHT) and Guest Service Gold/Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP), along with a product knowledge seminar on the Train, Retain, Assess, and Certify (TRAC) program in Albania earlier this summer.  

      Fifteen participants were hand chosen by Rritje Albania and EI's future local training partners, the Destination Management Organization, in Korce, Albania to participate in the seminar, which was conducted by EI's master trainer Jennifer Calhoun, CHE.  In 2011, Rritje Albania also hosted Certified Hospitality Department Trainer (CHDT) training for numerous individuals in Albania.

      BONUS FEATURE: Read a detailed account of the history, scope, and activities of the USAID/Rritje Albania project.

      During the train the trainer sessions for Guest Service Gold and TRAC, each participant had to plan and execute a 15-minute presentation that included instructional objectives, appropriate content presentation methodology, support media, and interactive activities.

      Participants came from various disciplines, including lodging, travel and tourism, consultants, and education.  "The diverse group provided very spirited group discussions and insightful commentaries," said Calhoun.  Calhoun added that she was "appreciative of the contributions of Nevila Popa and Orieta Gilozheni, who provided logistical support and provided additional information about how principles taught during the workshop could be applied to the local culture." 

      Gliozheni, the manager of the DMO Korce, commented that "we completed the training and the exam. It has been a hard week for all of us, but also very excited and interesting. Jennifer was really a very good trainer working hard with us clarifying concepts and philosophy of the industry."

      In the future the DMO will provide EI certification and training programs for the hoteliers of Albania in an overall effort to create a sustainable training model to increase the level of professionalism in the Albanian tourism industry.

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