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      EI Has Long History

      60 Bell Hops

      EI celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2013, but the history of the organization goes back further than that. Arthur Landstreet, a Tennessee hotelier and chair of the (then) American Hotel Association's Education Committee, first proposed an independent training organization to prepare hospitality personnel back in 1949. Industry response was lukewarm, Finally, J.B. Herndon embraced education as the focus of his AHA presidential platform, announcing the formation of the American Hotel Institute (EI's original name) when he accepted the presidency in 1951.

      The actual organization did not become a reality until 1953, when EI had its beginnings at Mississippi State University. The school's faculty worked closely with hospitality leaders to determine the industry's training needs and develop a 12-course home-study curriculum for middle managers. EI moved its offices to Michigan State University in the mid-1950s. Offices in Mexico, France, and India were opened in the mid-1990s-of those, only the India office remains active.

      In 1997, the company's headquarters moved to Orlando, Fla., while the academic sales, publications, and fulfillment center remained in Michigan.  In 2001, the organization's name changed to the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, reflecting the name change of its parent organization, the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

      60 th Anniversary Fun Facts

      What were people watching on TV in 1953? The following shows had their debut 60 years ago:  Make Room for Daddy, Name That Tune, Private Secretary, and You Are There.  Major League Baseball began to be televised on ABC, and the first TV broadcast of the Academy Awards also happened that year.  TV viewers got help deciding what to watch in April 1953, when TV Guide was published for the first time.

      Published Jan. 2013.

      About the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
      Established in 1953 as a nonprofit educational foundation of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Educational Institute’s mission is to continue being the preferred provider to the lodging industry, hospitality schools, and related hospitality industries by developing and providing quality resources to train, educate, and certify hospitality professionals worldwide.