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      New Case Studies Book from AHLEI Tackles Tough Management Issues

      Lansing, Michigan, June 2010 - Future hospitality industry executives will gain valuable insight into the challenges they may face on the job as they work through the cases presented in the new edition of Executive Decisions: Hospitality Case Studies in Leadership, Ethics, Employee Relations, and External Relations, published by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (EI).

      Written by William P. Fisher, Ph.D., Darden Eminent Scholar Chair Professor in the Rosen School of Hospitality Management, University of Central Florida, the book features 20 new case studies that require students or management trainees to apply management principles and creative solutions to situations they are likely to encounter as upper-level executives.

      Fisher, former president and chief executive officer of the American Hotel & Lodging Association and former president of the National Restaurant Association, brings his years of business acumen and his unique flair for expressing management concepts to the case studies book and its accompanying Instructor/Facilitator Guide.

      "Executive Decisions is a comprehensive case book of real-life business issues that arise for which serious deliberation is required to reach the optimal conclusions," Fisher explained. "They are hard hitting, thought provocative situations dealing with corporate issues. This book could be used as a capstone course for upper-level undergraduate studies or for graduate level studies."

      Most of the 60 case studies ask the reader to adopt the perspective of a chief executive officer (CEO) and consider issues relating to leadership, ethics, employee relations, and external relations. Titles include "Community Service or Work for Hire," "The Incompetent Human Resources Executive," "Sustainable Advice," "Food Poisoning Nightmare," and "Insider Information."

      The Instructor's Guide for Executive Decisions features critical key points the teacher/seminar leader can evoke to help develop the students' insight into the decision-making process, as well as additional questions to direct the discussion into related areas.

      The case study book is $66.95; $36.95 for AH&LA members. The instructor/facilitator version is $106.95; $76.95 for AH&LA members. To order, visit www.ahlei.org or call 800-752-4567 or 517-372-8800. Academic customers, please call 800-344-4381.

      About the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute
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