TripAdvisor® Reputation Management for Front-Line Staff

TripAdvisor® Reputation Management for Front-Line Staff


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This print-based training program, developed by the Educational Institute in partnership with TripAdvisor®, provides clear information on how front-line staff can encourage positive reviews by providing exceptional guest service.  


Tens of millions of travelers share reviews of their hotel stays on TripAdvisor®, the world's largest travel ratings website, and millions of others read those reviews when planning trips for business and pleasure. This training shows how managing a property's online reputation is essential and how guest reviews can contribute to a property's bottom line.

Topics include: 


  • An overview of TripAdvisor® and their policies on fraud, threats, and blackmail
  • Where negative reviews come from 
  • Manager and employee roles in the review process

The workbook is suitable for individual or group training.  

Please note:

This product is available for licensing by organizations for training multiple employees. Please contact an EI sales manager for details.


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