The Lodging and Food Service Industry eBook

The Lodging and Food Service Industry eBook

Eighth Edition



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This introductory textbook offers a historical perspective of the hospitality industry and covers all hotel operating areas to provide an understanding of each department and how it operates. Readers learn about the complex interrelationships involved in the hospitality business and discover the variety of career opportunities available in hospitality. 

The eighth edition reflects the increasing role of technology and the Internet in hospitality operations and on customer interactions. There is new and updated content related to emerging tourist destination and travel trends, ecotourism, environmentally-friendly hotel practices, and mergers and acquisitions. 

Authors: Gerald W. Lattin, Thomas W. Lattin, and James E. Lattin 
©2014, 14 chapters, Softbound 
ISBN 978-0-86612-437-6

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