Change Is The New Status Quo

Change Is The New Status Quo


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Joseph McInerney loves change. Throughout his life and his career he has embraced real change as an ally in all of his endeavors. I am not talking about trivial change or capricious change. I am not talking about redecorating because you don t like the color of the walls. I am talking about real, substantive, transformative change. -- Joseph McInerney In Change Is The New Status Quo, Joseph McInerney delivers a master s course in leadership and change management. His stories about leadership, people and lessons learned come from more than half a century in the hotel, hospitality and tourism industries. He lived that life and learned those lessons during his career including key leadership positions with Sheraton Hotels, Forte Hotels, the Pacific Asia Travel Association and the American Hotel & Lodging Association. Interspersed with the colorful life stories of his experiences around the world are important lessons for anyone involved in the association, hotel and hospitality industries as well as university faculty and students and other industries and organizations.

Change is about people, process, and product. Properly managed and utilized, change can be a tremendous positive force in any organization. A true leader must realize and see the importance of his role as a change agent and incorporate transformative change throughout his organization from strategic and financial planning at the board and C-suite levels to day-to-day operations. In Change Is The New Status Quo, Joseph McInerney not only provides a valuable framework and necessary processes to implement and manage change effectively, he also examines important concepts such as corporate social responsibility as well as coming trends in hotels and travel, as well as, the importance of sustainability, technology, safety/security, and crisis communications to the industry. Joseph McInerney hopes that readers will take away from this book that change is something you must embrace, not avoid. If you want to be a successful leader, you must help others embrace and be prepared for change. The only thing that is a constant in the 21st century is change.


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