SLATE Hotel - Strategic Learning and Training Experience

SLATE Hotel - Strategic Learning and Training Experience

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SLATE stands for Strategic Learning and Training Experience. SLATE Hotel is an interactive, 3-D, high-fidelity virtual environment that takes players through the many responsibilities of a hotel general manager.

From the viewpoint of general manager, players navigate through the game interacting with staff and guests while learning how to make strategic decisions in the areas of the front office operations, sales and marketing, food and beverage operations, accounting, human resources, and risk management.

Players can track their progress by monitoring guest satisfaction and safety scores in real time, and by reading social media comments about the hotel. 

DOWNLOAD the first two levels of SLATE Hotel at no charge thanks in part to a grant from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation .

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Note: To deploy this game in a computer lab or multi-user environment, please contact the Academic Sales team at 1-800-344-4381 for more information. This version is for individual users only.


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