Guest Service Gold® Golden Opportunities Training Program

Guest Service Gold® Golden Opportunities Training Program


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Golden opportunities are moments and exchanges that, depending on your actions, can leave a guest feeling delighted or disappointed. Using a combination of vital elements, Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities demonstrates how to provide a level of guest service that leaves a lasting impression on each of your guests, inspires your coworkers and helps you build friendships that will last a lifetime. 

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Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities features a video (DVD format) with these seven elements: 

  • Recovery: Turn it Around!
  • Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience!
  • Knowledge: Be in the Know!
  • Passion: Inspire Others! 
  • Commitment: Be All In!
  • Inclusion: Include Everyone!
  • Personality: Be Yourself!

These segments can be viewed individually to emphasize or strengthen particular deficiencies in service, or enjoyed together as one comprehensive program. A trainer's guide covering additional topics, procedures, discussions and exercises enhances the program and allows for customization to your organization. 

Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities can be delivered in 2 hours in a group setting or as individual training.  


  • DVD (22 minutes total running time) 
  • One Trainer's Guide
  • Additional instructions, templates and forms accessible via online portal 

To purchase participant workbooks with accompanying certification exam scan sheet, please call +1 407 999 8100.

Guest Service Gold®: Golden Opportunities is the preparation material for the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) designation. 

Also available as an online program for individual training.



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