Art of Leadership - Foundations

Art of Leadership - Foundations


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The Art of Leadership: Foundations is a unique, interactive experience for executives and managers developed by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) and Aspire.

This interactive facilitated workshop delivers actionable tools for leaders to enhance their leadership effectiveness through alignment, focus, and understanding of AHLEI and Aspire's proven processes for learning and development, based on Aspire's 6 Pillars of Alignment. The more people contribute, the more things get done. It seems obvious, yet as managers work to keep up with today's rapidly changing market, it becomes easier to focus on what matters next, instead of what matters most.

Application-Focused Learning Objectives: 

• Analyze the 6 Pillars of Alignment 
• Identify how top performing organizations sustain outstanding performance 
• Assess the alignment of your organization's staff  
• Integrate the 6 Pillars into team or organizational initiatives 
• Using the four levels of performance, identify actions needed to help improve employee performance 

This workshop requires a minimum of 6, maximum of 20 attendees.  The sessions can be delivered in eight hours, or broken in two half-day sessions.

This program is appropriate for senior management and emerging leaders in all industries.


Through 20 years of experience collaborating with leaders and organizations to improve performance, Aspire identified six core leadership behaviors that support and sustain high levels of performance. Aspire's award-winning, research-based, and field-tested 6 Pillars of Alignment are proven tools for sustainable leadership and organizational success:

Pillar 1: Connection

Connection is about how people feel toward one another, that sense of camaraderie and rapport. Connection allows for trust. Strengthening connections with co-workers improves our work environment, and the better our relationships, the more fun we'll have! You have to work at connection. You have to be willing to create it with people who may not think and act like you. Connection is different than chemistry. Connection is something that you chose to build with another person, whereas chemistry is something you feel naturally. You can have connection without friendship. You cannot have friendship without connection. When we build connection, we build rapport, and this increases our sense of trust in one another as well as our creativity, communication, and energy.

Pillar 2: Clean Communication

Clean communication is different than clear communication. Just because it is clear doesn't make it effective. Clear communication delivers information. Clean communication delivers the same information so that the other person can have it, can hear it. If you break rapport through communication that doesn't consider the other person's perspective, you break Pillar 1, connection. And important component of clean communication is our ability to listen. Listening is at the heart of all communication. The best communicators listen more than talk. Do you listen when you communicate? A normal conversation should be 50% talking and 50% listening. You were given 1 mouth and 2 ears for a reason. If you don't listen, neither will the person you're speaking to.

Pillar 3: Compassion

Pillar 3 builds off of the feelings created through connection and communication; it is a way of holding another person in a space of understanding and empathy. Compassion allows for clean communication, even when two people disagree. Compassion is choice that prevents us from standing in judgment of another. When someone feels judged, they become defensive. No learning can occur from a place of judgment. Without compassion, our workplace can devolve into an environment of criticism, negativity, and scarcity. With it, you build a culture of constructive honesty, problem solving, and abundance. Practice demonstrating your compassion through listening. When another person feels heard, they also feel valued.

Pillar 4: Higher Purpose

Your organization's higher purpose is the deeper reason it exists. While your business's mission may be to grow and increase profits by 5% this year, human beings need more than economic goals to be inspired. What is the higher purpose of your company? When the values behind a mission resonate with our hearts, and we know the impact of our work in the world, we will work and act with a fanatical commitment otherwise unknown. Feelings are the root of all action. Feelings form thoughts, which shape intentions, which drive action. What is your business doing to inspire positive feelings in your people and drive an emotional commitment to a higher purpose?

Pillar 5: Participation

Top-level performers are inspired by their work and seek to gain more knowledge from every opportunity. The more engaged they are, the more enthusiastic they become about contributing. These players know that the more they contribute and demonstrate their value, the more rewards they'll see-both personally and professionally. Individuals seeking rewards must look to themselves first and ask, "How do I participate now, and where are my opportunities to participate more?" Businesses must ask, "How can we do even more to increase engagement within our organization and inspire participation among our people?"

Pillar 6: Responsibility

Responsibility holds us accountable for our actions, impact, and perspective. Without it, people will take shortcuts, fail to meet their obligations, and blame others. If not everyone is acting responsibly, your business will fall out of balance. Some employees will do more work than they should to make up for those who are slacking off. The result is a culture of martyrs and victims, where each side feels defensive. As mentioned above, defensiveness prevents learning and progress. How do you hold your people accountable for their responsibilities? How do you inspire everyone to want to contribute and then own their contributions?

Each package includes: 

• 1 Coach's Guide 
• 1 Coach's Resources DVD 
• 6 Participant Manuals 

The Coach's Guide contains complete instructions within each session useful in conducting the workshop. Including special sections titled "Coach's Tips"  that provides additional information to help engage with participants.

The Coach's DVD has everything a trainer needs to deliver this workshop, to include:
• Interactive tools per topic: Quick Guides, Objective Cards, Interactive Puzzles, Action Cards, Header Cards, Answer Key, Aspirations Cards, Commitment Card, Evaluation Form and Posters.
• Four Coach's training videos: 
-Thinking Differently Interactive (Running Time: 11:30)
-LMCA (Leadership/Management/Coaching/Alignment) Interactive (Running Time: 09:00)
-Listening Interactive (Running Time: 05:00)
-Four Quadrants Interactive (Running Time: 06:00)
• Printable Certificate of Participation

To order additional Participant Manuals, interested in hosting a session, and/or need a facilitator, please contact your AHLEI Sales Executive, or call 1 800 349 0299 or +1 407 999 8100. 



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