Food Safety - Managing with the HACCP System eBook

Food Safety - Managing with the HACCP System eBook



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This textbook presents the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) method of food safety in a systematic, understandable format ideal for classroom teaching. Clearly defined terms, detailed lists of food safety responsibilities, and checklists for all control points make this a resource that graduates can readily put into practice in any food and beverage operation. Because it refrains from direct reference to U.S. government regulations, this textbook is highly accessible to international readers.

Information in this edition includes:

  • Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
  • Actual examples of foodborne illness outbreaks 
  • Discussion of major food allergens 
  • Time-temperature control for safety of potentially hazardous foods 
  • Sequence for hand washing and avoiding recontamination of hands 
  • Provisions regarding the re-service of food

Ronald F. Cichy, Ph.D., NCE, CHA, CFBE, CHE 
©2008, 8 chapters, Softbound 
ISBN 978-0-86612-327-3

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