Guest Service Gold® Making Connections Training Program

Guest Service Gold® Making Connections Training Program


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New design, same great content! Guest Service Gold®: Making Connections is formerly known as Guest Service Gold®.

Guests remember and share their experiences about your property. Guest Service Gold®: Making Connections features a video (DVD format) with seven brief stories designed to motivate and inspire hotel employees to 'go for the gold' when it comes to providing service above and beyond the call of duty. These segments-based on true stories of award-winning guest service-feature emotional elements or qualities that engage guests, unlock their need, and connect with them to make their stay unique.

These segments can be viewed individually to emphasize or strengthen particular deficiencies in service, or enjoyed together as one comprehensive program. A trainer's guide covering additional topics, procedures, discussions and exercises enhances the program and allows for customization to your organization.

The seven segments focus on: authenticity, intuition, empathy, delight, delivery, initiative and being a champion.

Guest Service Gold®: Making Connections can be delivered in 2 hours in a group setting or as individual training. 


• DVD (22 minutes total running time)
• One Trainer's Guide
• Additional instructions, templates and forms accessible via online portal  

To purchase participant workbooks with accompanying certification exam scan sheet, please call +1 407 999 8100.
Guest Service Gold®: Making Connections is preparation material for the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) designation.

Also available in Spanish and as an online program for individual training.



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