Guest Service Gold® Tourism Training Program

Guest Service Gold® Tourism Training Program


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Just as one bad apple can spoil the bunch, one negative online review can spoil your business's chances of attracting new guests.  And for tourism destinations, it can be even worse-negative feedback can impact an entire city or region. The reputations of hotels and museums, taxi companies and restaurants, all contribute to a destination's profile.

AHLEI's best-selling hospitality training program has now been expanded to address the guest service needs of tourism businesses, so all employees can deliver superior service that keeps guests raving about your destination.

The Guest Service Gold® Tourism training program includes a DVD presented in English and Spanish that features real-life vignettes illustrating seven key guest service elements: Recovery: Turn It Around, Personalization: Provide an Individualized Experience, Knowledge: Be in the Know, Passion: Inspire Others, Commitment: Be All In, Inclusion: Include Everyone, and Personality: Be Yourself.

The DVD segments can be viewed individually to emphasize or strengthen a particular trait, or presented together as a comprehensive program. A trainer's guide covering the topics, with procedures, discussion questions, and exercises enhances the DVD content and allows for customization to your organization's policies and procedures.

Guest Service Gold® Tourism can be delivered in four hours in a group setting.

Program includes:

  • DVD (includes English and Spanish on one DVD)
  • One Trainer's Guide
  • Additional instructions, templates, and forms accessible via online portal

To purchase participant workbooks with accompanying certification exam scan sheet (available in English or Spanish) , please call +1. 408.999.8100.

Guest Service Gold® Tourism prepares individuals for the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP®) exam.  Recognized worldwide, the CGSP® is the highest acknowledgement of guest service excellence for hospitality and tourism employees.



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