Hospitality Facilities Management and Design eBook

Hospitality Facilities Management and Design eBook

Fourth Edition



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This detailed textbook shows readers how to keep every area of a hotel running smoothly.  The book takes a systems approach to hospitality facilities issues, while also providing a summary based on functional spaces within a property.  Readers will learn how to communicate effectively with hotel engineering personnel, how technology can streamline facilities operations, and how to balance the needs of guests with concern for the environment. 

The fourth edition of this textbook includes new material on green buildings, LEED certification, measurement tools for sustainability efforts, workplace safety statistics, indoor air quality, LEDs, elevator maintenance, Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, and renovation cost guidelines.

Author: David M. Stipanuk, Cornell University 
©2015, 12 chapters, Softbound 
ISBN 978-0-86612-476-8

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