SeaSpray Hotel - An Integrated Hospitality Accounting Case Study Instructor Guide

SeaSpray Hotel - An Integrated Hospitality Accounting Case Study Instructor Guide


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This extended case study shows readers the role that managerial accounting plays in a hospitality organization and how managers and department heads throughout a property use managerial accounting concepts and techniques on a daily basis to improve the operation.  

The book presents a narrative that follows newly-hired controller Sam Duncan through his first week at the SeaSpray Hotel, a 200-room beach resort with a restaurant, lounge, gift shop, and beauty salon. The case study presents 18 managerial accounting tasks, eight exhibits with the information needed to complete the tasks, and 38 Excel forms that must be completed as part of the tasks.  Tasks including preparing financial statements, adjusting journal entries, calculating financial and operating ratios, budgeting future costs, analyzing cash handling and inventory handling, and developing a daily operations report format.

The Instructor's guide includes the narrative and exhibits, as well as the completed versions of the 38 forms, with solutions or suggested solutions for all 18 tasks. Instructors receive a CD packaged with the instructor's guide that contains the 38 completed forms in a single Excel file, with each form on its own tab. 


Authors: Gurprit Chhatwal and Jean Abbott, Richard Stockton College of New Jersey 


©2014, 3-ring binder


ISBN 978-0-86612-450-8


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