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      Before any Educational Institute (EI) textbook ever reaches your classroom…

      • Research into changing business needs and demographics helps identify the competencies tomorrows hospitality leaders must have.
      • Top subject matter experts are recruited as textbook authors.
      • Leading educators and industry professionals review the content for relevance and completeness.
      • Experienced editors apply instructional design and ensure accuracy, consistency, and readability.

      Download the EI Course Syllabi Guide for course descriptions, objectives, and teaching guidelines.

      In addition to individual course certificates offered for EI’s 30-plus hospitality management courses, EI also offers groupings of courses that, taken together, enable your students to earn additional credentials. Your account executive can work with you to develop a curriculum for your school’s program that will enable students to earn these additional certificates. Your program choices are formalized through our Academic Partnership Agreement.

      EI offers the following curriculum options:  

      How does it work?

      • The EI textbooks you purchase for your students come with an exam scan sheet (for schools in the United States and Canada, and our Global Academic Partner schools). If you choose to offer EI's course certification to your students, call or e-mail your account executive to receive the final exam for the EI book you are using.
      • Give your students the EI final exam, and send in their completed scan sheets, along with a class roster. To Download a blank class roster click here.
      • EI's academic services department will grade the exams and report the results to you. Students who pass the exam with a score of 70 percent or higher will receive a course certificate. 
      • Those who pass with a score of 90 percent or higher will receive a certificate that notes that they passed "with honors." 
      • EI will send you your students' certificates, as well as a grade report listing the students and their grades. 
      • A permanent record is kept on file at the Educational Institute and student transcripts are available upon request. 
      • It generally takes two to three weeks to receive your students' grades. Timing may vary depending on the time of year and the number of other classes submitting exams at the time. Instructors in U.S. schools ONLY have the option to grade the exams themselves before sending them in to EI for processing.
      • An answer key is provided with the exam.

      If you would like to offer the EI-graded final exam, please email academics@ahla.com and request the exam materials for the book you are using. An account executive will send you the final exam, along with instructions for returning the exams and class roster, either by email, or if you prefer, in a hard copy version by regular shipping.