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    • Online Components Enhance Textbooks

      The Educational Institute offers bonus online components for several of its textbooks.

      Online components vary by textbook title, and may include author-narrated commentary on chapter topics, video interviews with industry professionals, links to hospitality and association websites and industry articles, slide shows and video clips, sample reports and checklists, and interactive quizzes to help students gauge their understanding of the material. Some textbooks feature an online component that is a complete, freestanding program developed for industry training.

      Online components:

      • Are packaged with both the print-based and eText versions of textbooks
      • Have six-month access for student users
      • Are included in the purchase price of the book when that version is selected
      • Can be purchased independently of the textbook for use with used books, another publisher’s book, or with an EI Customized Textbook.

      eTexts Offer Options for Students

      Several of EI’s textbooks are also available in an eText format that includes the online component (but not the academic certification exam scan sheet).

      Students may purchase the eTexts directly from EI’s online store, or bookstores can purchase physical keycodes that provide access to the eTexts.

      Please note:
      • eTexts are not downloadable to eReaders or to a computer hard drive and can only be accessed online through our online learning platform. 
      • eTexts and online components are created using Flash technology which is not compatible with any Apple products.