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      ACE College Credit Recommendation Service

      The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT) has evaluated and recommended college credit for 12 of EI's courses. The American Council on Education, the major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions, seeks to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives. ACE CREDIT connects workplace learning with colleges and universities by helping adults gain access to academic credit at colleges and universities for formal courses and examinations taken in the workplace or other settings outside traditional higher education.

      For the benefit of our students, EI participates in the American Council on Education's (ACE) Transcript Service. The ACE Transcript Service offers a lifelong record for students who have successfully completed our courses that have been reviewed by ACE CREDIT. This service enables adult learners to present a nationally recognized transcript to the college or university of their choice for the potential award of academic credit. For more information, visit the ACE CREDIT Transcript Service website at http://www.acenet.edu/acecredit

      College Credit Recommendations

      Hospitality Today: An Introduction
      Food and Beverage Management
      Hospitality Facilities Management and Design
      Managing Front Office Operations
      Managing Housekeeping Operations
      Managing Service in Food and Beverage Operations
      Training & Development for the Hospitality Industry
      World of Resorts: From Development to Management
      International Hotels: Development and Management
      Managing Technology in the Hospitality Industry
      Hospitality Sales and Marketing
      Convention Management and Service

      *Online course reviewed and approved for college credit recommendation

      Will I automatically get college credit for taking your courses?

      No. It is up to the individual college or university to decide whether to grant college credit for these courses. Sometimes they will accept some of the credits, if not all. Successful completion of a course results in actual course credit only when the course is accepted toward a degree or certificate at a postsecondary institution. If you have already taken one of the courses, or plan to take one, you should contact the admissions office at the college you plan to attend to determine the acceptability of the course for academic credit.

      What steps do I need to take to get a transcript from ACE to submit to the college/university I am interested in attending?

      Your first step is to call the Educational Institute and speak with a staff member in our distance learning department to confirm that the course(s) you have completed qualify for the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service. Once that has been determined, you may send an e-mail to registries@ace.nche.edu to request an ACE Transcript Service registration packet for the EIAH courses. ACE will then e-mail a registration packet including the EIAH course catalog, ACE Class Forms, and ACE Participant Form to you.

      Upon receipt of the registration packet, complete the forms and mail them to the Educational Institute, along with a $35 money order payable to ACE for a one-time processing fee. EI will verify and approve the documents so that all information reflected regarding course completions is correct. We then send the verified courses and data to the ACE Transcript Service with a copy of the verification e-mail to you.

      ACE will process the Scantron forms and you will be notified when your record is complete and when you can go online to order your transcript.

      How do I contact ACE?
      You may contact the ACE office through e-mail at credit@ace.nche.edu. They also have a Call Center +1.202.939.9434 staffed Monday through Friday 8:45 am to 4:45 pm EST. Feel free to call them with any questions you might have.

      To register, access, and request an ACE transcript online, please go to: https://www.acenet.edu/transcripts/