Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition

The third edition of Food Safety and Quality Management has been updated to include the most current topics in food safety.

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is excited to announce the publication of Food Safety and Quality Management, 3e, by Ronald F. Cichy and JaeMin Cha.

Food Safety and Quality Management
Previously titled Food Safety: Managing with the HACCP System, 2e, this update features a new author (Dr. JaeMin Cha has joined Dr. Ronald F. Cichy to create this new edition), case studies describing global best practices of active managerial control, a focus on international examples, two new chapters covering food allergies and food safety management systems, and content that reflects that most recent changes to the FDA Food Code. The content in the third edition serves as the basis for advanced level food safety courses.

The third edition of Food Safety and Quality Management has been updated to include the most current advanced topics in food safety, with a focus on:

✓ Active Managerial Control

The new edition provides real-world examples from global industry leaders to illustrate best practices in food safety and crisis management, including a new chapter dedicated to allergen risk management

✓ Technology and Innovation

The third edition explores the impact of the latest technology on food safety and quality management throughout a food service operation and beyond

✓ Quality Management Across Control Points

The book demonstrates the return on investment with guests, staff members, and the bottom line when quality management is employed

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What's New?

• New case studies, examples, and checklists describing global business best practices of active managerial control
• International examples not tied to American compliance-based certifications
• Most up-to-date allergen risk management content
• Content covering cutting-edge technology like blockchain and AI
• Updated to reflect the most recent changes within the FDA Food Code

About the Authors

Ronald F. Cichy, PhD. is an engaging educator, collaborative and creative researcher, and trusted advisor for hospitality business leaders and academic program heads at schools of hospitality management. He is a professor in The School of Hospitality Business at Michigan State University. Dr. Cichy teaches Thinking and Acting Like The Owner for senior students. He served as director of this iconic School for 26 years. He also teaches executives in the Club Managers Association of America Business Management Institute III and the National Automatic Merchandising Association’s Executive Development Program.

JaeMin Cha, PhD. is an associate professor of foodservice management in The School of Hospitality Business, Michigan State University. Her research currently focuses on service climate in foodservice operations, sustainability, food safety, and emotional intelligence. Her research has been published in both of academic and industry journals, including Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, International Journal of Hospitality Management, and Cornell Quarterly. Her collaborative handwashing study has been covered widely in the numerous media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA today, CNN, U.S. News & World Rerport, Fox News, CNBC, NBC News, Huffington Post, Women’s Health, Popular Science, CBS News, Live Kelly & Michael’s Show, and other news. She has taught a food safety course to more than 2500 undergraduate students for last six years in The School.

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Food Safety and Quality Control, 3e will be available in April in eText format through VitalSource, the leading global eReader platform.

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The basic objective of Food Safety and Quality Management, Third Edition, is to present a managerial system that enhances food safety, preserves food quality, and controls food costs. All three of these goals are interrelated and intertwined as the owners, managers, and staff members of food service operations strive to create positively memorable experiences for their guests.

For classroom instructors there are comprehensive teaching aids available, including review questions and answers, chapter tests, PowerPoint slides, and (new for the third edition) experiential learning activities (mini-cases, role plays, and discussion starters) for each chapter.

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