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Caesars Entertainment has access to CARE Online responsible alcohol service training.

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Caesars Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) Training Program Process

  1. Place order through the Ariba system. Please see your corporate training and development manager with any questions.
    • For mass uploads, there is a requirement of 50 or more registrants, the mass upload template must be completed correctly and uploaded to Ariba.
  2. A property keycode, admin guide and user guide will be emailed to the property admin by the AHLEI helpdesk within 3-5 business days after receiving the order from Ariba.
  3. Use the keycode to register the candidate for the training and exam at any time through the online system.
  4. When all usages of the keycode are used, or are low, you can place an order to get a new keycode by going to Ariba.
  5. Billing & invoicing. All invoices are sent to the Caesars corporate office for distribution.

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AHLEI Help Desk Information

E- Mail:
Telephone: 877-767-1543
Hours: Monday – Friday EST 9:00am to 5:00pm

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively® (CARE) Training Program?

The four-hour Controlling Alcohol Risks Effectively┬« (CARE) online program provides flexible, self-paced training to prepare employees for handling the challenges of responsible alcohol service. Learn more at

How long is the program?

Many states require servers of alcohol to participate in a state-approved responsible alcohol service training, such as CARE. These states also require a minimum length for training, that being 4 hours on average.

Can we use the same email address for all participants?

No, when creating a participant, either through the admin area or when taking advantage of the mass upload option (please see requirements on mass uploads), a unique email address is required.  Please Note:  This does not mean that it has to be a valid email address. Example: could be used even though it might not be an active email address.

What if a person fails twice?

With this new course process, we are giving the participant two retakes on top of their included exam. If the participant fails, the first exam the second exam attempt will unlock. Following the second failure, the supervisor or the participant will need to contact the AHLEI Helpdesk ( ) in order to have the third attempt unlocked. If the participant fails the exam a third time, a retake key code would need to be purchased using the order form .  Please Note:  Although not required, it is recommended that a participant reviews the course materials and waits at least 24 hours before attempting the exam again.

Can I purchase retake codes in advance?

Yes, because the retake exam is a separate key code.  You can purchase as many as you want in advance.  Please Note:  Although not required, it is recommended that a participant reviews the course materials and waits at least 24 hours before attempting the exam again.

How soon do you need to request key codes?

You can request key codes at any time through Ariba. Please keep in mind it can take 3-5 business days for processing once the order is received from Ariba.

How many key codes can I purchase at a time?

You can purchase as many as you would like.  If you want 200, you would indicate quantity of 2 in the 100 block section in Ariba. We will then create 2 key codes with 100 usages each.

Do we have to wait until the key code is depleted before purchasing a new key code?

No, if you are running low, you can purchase a new key code.  Just keep in mind that we will not add the additional usages onto the existing key code, instead you will receive a new keycode.

Will we still receive CARE cards?

Yes, you will still receive the grade report and CARE cards as before.  This process has not changed.

If we have a large number of people, can we do a mass upload?

If you have 50 or more individuals that need to be uploaded at one time, then we can work with you to do a mass upload. Those individuals will need to accompanied with the order from Ariba for a key code. Example: If you have 75 individuals that you want uploaded, then a 100 usage key code would need to be purchased. Once they have been uploaded, you would receive notification along with a key code with the remaining usages.

Do the key codes expire?


Is there a user guide?

Yes, the user guide and administrator guide is on the AHLEI Caesars website.  Both guides will also be sent every time a new key code is emailed out.

How do we know how many are left on the key code?  Do we have to manually keep track?

Yes, you are responsible with keeping track of the usage of the key code.  A suggestion that other customers use, is to use a simple excel spreadsheet that has the key code listed and as you assign someone to that key code, you put their name, user name, etc.

When someone is ready to take the exam, do we have a proctor code that has to be entered?

Yes, every administrator is set up as a proctor.  There is also a corporate proctor account that is sent to the property supervisor. When the person is ready to take the exam, they will be prompted for the proctor information.

Will we have the ability to reuse the key code if someone does not make it through the hiring process?

No, once you have registered a person, it will take away 1 usage.  If that person has not accessed their account, then you do have the ability to go in and update that information to a new person.

If the person has accessed the account, then you would not be able to update the information.

Will the additional fields be required?

Yes, if a field is marked as required, then something will need to be filled in.

What is going to happen with the individuals that are currently in the older system?

All student records are located in the AHLEI student records system, no matter which system or method the training was fulfilled on.  At any time, a call into AHLEI can verify their records.  Reporting wise, we’ll still be able to run the reports and be able to show you who’s completed what and when before shutting down the older system.

Is re-certification a new key code?

Yes, you would need to register them on the new key code.

Will the records migrate from the old system to the new system?

We are looking into migrating the individuals and completions status into the new system. Please note the previous course materials will not be available.

Do we have the ability to run reports based on department?

Unfortunately, as will the previous system, we do not have the ability to run reports based on departments at this point. We are investigating what it would take to add this feature.

I manage multiple properties.  Will I need to create separate orders in Ariba?

Yes.  We set up keycodes based on the information received from Ariba.

Is this going to be offered in any other languages?

It is not on our road map to make available in other languages at this time.  Please note: We do offer a print/classroom ONLY in Spanish.