Hospitality and Tourism Specialist Credential Program

Introducing a new credential for employees looking to launch a career in hospitality. Apply to earn your Hospitality and Tourism Specialist credential. Available July 2021 to hospitality professionals who have at least 100 hours of experience and are able to sit for the HTS exam.  

Be recognized for your understanding of the industry and foundational skills and knowledge in the areas of lodging, food and beverage operations, event management, attractions and tourism.

All working hours submitted are subject to approval by AHLEI, the applicant employer and/or an approved instructor/proctor.

Experience hours requirements:

  • 100 hours working in any role in a segment of hospitality: lodging, food & beverage operations, tourism, travel and transportation, event management or attractions
  • Hours must have been earned within 5 years of taking the exam.

Acceptable alternative/supplemental work experience

  • Up to 20 hours may be fulfilled by experience in a customer service role outside of hospitality
  • Up to 50 hours may be fulfilled by completion of simulation training using an approved hospitality simulation program
  • Hours may include unpaid internships or “shadow” experiences so long as they have been verified by a professional working in the hospitality industry
  • Hours may include volunteer work in the field of hospitality

Please note, acceptability of simulation alternatives may be subject to change.

How to Earn the Hospitality and Tourism Specialist Credential

  1. Add the HTS exam to your AHLEI account 
  2. Individuals can click here to purchase the online Hospitality and Tourism Specialist credential exam.  
  3. Schools can purchase exams on behalf of their students and assign the exam to student accounts 
  4. Register for a scheduled HTS exam session hosted by an approved proctor  
  5. Students must achieve a score of 70% or better to pass the exam 
  6. Individuals who have passed the exam will be able to complete an application for the HTS credential 
  7. The Hospitality and Tourism Specialist Application includes individual work experience and referral by an employer and/or instructor 
  8. Upon approval of the application, individuals will receive the Hospitality and Tourism Specialist Credential available in their AHLEI account

HTS Exam Domains and Objectives

Hospitality and Tourism Specialist

Click here to view the detailed breakdown of each category.

  • General knowledge – 6%
  • Understanding Careers in Hospitality and Tourism – 2%
  • Guest Service and Experience – 7%
  • Lodging Industry General knowledge – 3%
  • The Front Office – 5%
  • Housekeeping – 4%
  • Engineering – 4%
  • Safety and Security – 4%
  • Restaurant Operations General Knowledge – 4%
  • Pricing and Profitability in Restaurants – 5%
  • Food Safety and Sanitation – 6%
  • Responsible Food and Beverage service – 5%
  • Meetings, Conventions and Special Events – 5%
  • Banquets and Catering – 3%
  • Travel and Transportation – 2%
  • Tourism – 4%
  • Attractions – 2%
  • Resorts, Clubs and Entertainment – 2%
  • Cruise Industry – 2%
  • Leadership Skills and Strategy – 5%
  • Entrepreneurship – 3%
  • Sales and Marketing in Hospitality – 7%
  • Financial Management in Hospitality – 10%