The entire AHLEI textbook library is available on the most powerful eReader platform.

Benefits for Instructors

  • Add notes, highlight information and embed video or other interactive content in their students’ digital texts
  • Identify Engagement dashboards provide data to help instructors identify struggling students, challenging content, and more using the platform’s engagement dashboards,
  • Meet students’ accessibility needs with VitalSource features, including a new Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android app that enables textbooks to be read aloud.

Benefits for Students

  • Access titles anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Highlight text, take notes, and search for specific content
  • Sync activity between the mobile app and browser version of the book.


PLEASE NOTE: The VitalSource eBook does NOT include access to the optional AHLEI-graded final exam.  If an instructor wishes to offer this exam, students will need to purchase a print exam sheet from AHLEI for $50, and the instructor will need to request the final exam from AHLEI in order to give the final exam in class.  Online exams are not available at this time.

Supervision, 6e

This market-leading textbook by Dr. Jack Ninemeier expertly introduces students to supervision and management skills essential to a successful career in hospitality.

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