These are the most frequently asked questions for Understanding Unconscious Bias in Hospitality

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How long is the course?

  • Employee is about 30 mins
  • Manager is about 60 mins

What is the difference between the manager course and the employee course?

The manager course presents four additional modules designed to give managers the tools to navigate bias issues more effectively, both internally with their employees and externally with guests and the public sphere. The content takes the issue of unconscious bias beyond a theoretical discussion by providing managers with practical, actionable ideas to implement at their establishment.

What languages are available?

English and Spanish are available. Customers who purchase individual courses must choose the language when the purchase.

Does the course have closed captioning / subtitles?

Yes, users can turn captions on and off using a button on the bottom of the course interface.

What is the difference between the restaurant course and the hospitality course?

The topics are the same, however the context for the content and the testimonials will change depending on if you are in the hospitality (e.g., interactions between front desk associate and guest) or the restaurant courses (e.g., interactions between server and a customer).

How do I purchase a course? How do I purchase the course for my entire staff?

How much does it cost?

$30 for Manager and $22 for Employee.

For licensing and enterprise pricing, please contact your sales representative.

Can this be bundled with Sexual Harassment Prevention?

Yes! Your sales representative will have more information.

Why did ServSafe create this course?

The National Restaurant Association and the Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance are committed to advancing the positive culture of the foodservice and hospitality industries. We created a training suite that helps restaurant and hospitality organizations address recognizing and acting on bias in the workplace from the employee level through manager level. These industries are struggling to provide adequate guidance to ensure safe, positive, and harassment-free environments. Failure to adequately manage these incidents can result in negative publicity via adverse social media posts and other viral content that threatens to harm businesses’ reputations and revenue.

What is ServSafe Workplace?

A suite of training programs rooted in the cultural and social issues affecting today’s restaurant and hospitality work environments. Leveraging ServSafe’s reputation for premiere risk-mitigation training, ServSafe Workplace focuses on ways for managers and employees to navigate the sometimes-difficult topics that face service-industry professionals.

How will my employees react to this course? Will it upset them?

Individuals may have an emotional reaction to the course. In many cases, even employees who perceive themselves as inherently good can have unconscious biases that largely influence their behavior and a discussion of bias can often leave a learner feeling defensive. This course uncovers unconscious biases and prescribes steps to reducing bias through the use of engaging media in a non-threatening way that puts the learner at ease.

How are restaurant and hotel employees at greater risk for unconscious bias?

The restaurant and hospitality industries have a greater number of employees who serve in guest-facing roles than most industries. A majority of employees and managers will experience the opportunity to welcome people of different backgrounds, religions, customs and sexual orientations, etc. which can open establishments up to more instances of unconscious biases affecting the guest experience.

The broad demographic differences that can be frequently noted between front of house and back of house employees also indicate a need for increased awareness of the existence of unconscious bias and highlights the importance of creating an inclusive and respectful workplace.

Is there a demo?

Yes! Demo courses are available through your representative.

Is there a print version of this course?

No, this course is 100% digital.

Is there an exam?

No, this is training only. However, there are a series of interactive knowledge checks throughout at the end of the employee and manager modules that a learner will need to do in order to complete the course.

Do I receive a certificate of completion?

There is not a certificate to indicate completion. Completion is tracked on the back end within our LMS.

Is this course accredited?

Not currently.

Does this course comply with laws in my state?

There are no current laws that require Unconscious Bias training.

Do I receive a discount as a member of AHLA?

The AHLA discount for members is 20%. There are no dual discounts for both volume and membership.

Do I receive a discount as a member of MFHA?


Can I load this course on my LMS?


What will I learn in this course?


  • Understand, define, recognize bias
  • Learn about impact of bias at work
  • Practice methods to minimize bias
  • Understand personal and professional consequences of bias
  • Practice empathy, use judgment, practice de-escalation
  • Understand when to involve a manager


  • All of the above, plus…
  • Reflect on own bias as a manager
  • Deal with bias in hiring, selection
  • Manage interactions with guests who have bias
  • Prepare employees to understand and deal with biases
  • Provide tools to employees
  • Model appropriate behavior
  • Deal with crises and the impact of social media reactions to bias

What are the technical requirements to run this course?

SCORM 1.2 compatible.

Operating System

· Windows 8.1 (32-bit or 64-bit) until 1/10/23

· Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)

· MacOS 10.14 “Mojave” or better

Windows Browsers

· Internet Explorer 11 (until 6/5/22)

· Microsoft Edge (latest version)

· Google Chrome (latest version)

· Firefox (latest version) 

Mac Browsers 

· Safari (latest version)

· Google Chrome (latest version)

· Firefox (latest version) 


· Safari (latest version) in Apple iOS 12 or later 

· Google Chrome (latest version) in Apple iOS 12 or later

· Google Chrome (latest version) in Android OS 6 or later 

Whitelist IP address for AHLEI LMS is

Do I receive credit (CEUs) for this webinar?


Does this course require a book or any other materials?

No, the entire course is made available online.

However, additional downloadable resources are available to continue learning beyond the course.

  • Discussion Guide for Managers: includes activities to extend learning, questions to anticipate from employees, and tips for dealing with unconscious bias
  • 2 additional video scenarios with accompanying activities
  • 2 animations with accompanying activities
  • Breakroom posters to keep awareness in the forefront of employee’s minds

Does this course expire at a specific time after purchase?

Once the code is purchased, a user will have one year from the time of purchase to activate the code/start the course before it expires.

What is the code term length (once redeemed)?

Once a code is activated/a course started, the user will have 60 days to complete the course. Upon completion, the user will not be able to relaunch the course.