What Can Rocky Teach Us about Employee Training?


Hospitality trainers looking for ways to present learning material to their associates that will make a lasting impression can find inspiration from a classic film, and learn something themselves along the way. Cue the theme music from “Rocky!” and check out these training tips from Mindspace.

Two we particularly like for hotel training are #3 — provide information in the setting where your employees will be working, and #6 — mix up your training to prevent habituation, which can lead to employees missing important material.


Round 3: Keep Your Learners on the Right Path With Knowledge in the World


Despite his long run, Rocky is staying on the right path. He may be tired, but luckily he doesn’t have the burden of thinking about where to go because he has a nice path along the water to follow.

This is a training concept called knowledge in the world, and it lessens the burden on your employee’s ability to memorize. By providing the information in the setting they will be working, employees don’t need to hold all the information on their head. They just need to know how to find it easily.

Round 6: Avoid Taking Habituation Shots to Your Employees


We would never recommend physical violence as part of any corporate training program. However, the repeated shots Rocky takes to his body is a good lesson on the pitfalls of habituation.

This training will prepare Rocky for the real fight by getting him used to the sensory feeling of taking punches. This can be a problem when creating training materials. If you keep forcing the same style of content over and over to your learners, they will begin to ignore and not notice it. Mix up your training to prevent habituation that can lead to employees missing important material.