AHLEI offers several training options to help you prepare your clients to begin hospitality careers.  Getting started may seem overwhelming; the following tips may help you decide what combination of training and certification is the best fit for your needs. ​

How do I figure out what courses to offer? 

AHLEI recommends reaching out to hotels in your area to learn what their employment needs are.  You can also connect with your local, regional, or state hospitality association or convention and visitor bureau (CVB) to learn what the hotel opening pipeline is for your market.   Knowing what’s coming can help you decide where the employment needs are.  For instance, if most of the new hotels will have on-site restaurants, you may want to offer the Certified Restaurant Server (CRS) and Certified Kitchen Cook (CKC) programs. ​

Tip: Every property needs several guestroom attendants to keep rooms clean and ready for guests.  Turnover is high for this position, so it is always a good choice for workforce training. 

Most of my clients have never even been to a hotel. How do I introduce them to the field of hospitality? 

Again, reaching out to local hotels, the CVB, or hospitality association is a good step. You may be able to connect with hotel managers who will serve as guest speakers or mentors, or who can set up job shadowing days or field trips for your clients to experience the daily operations of a lodging property. ​

Tip: Developing relationships with hotel general managers will make them more aware of your program and your clients. They will think of you first when they have job openings. 

Is it easy to add more training options once I begin using AHLEI programs? 

Yes, especially if you use the START for Individual Positions training.  Each of the six START programs has three learning sections—the first one is the same for each program.  If you offer more than one program, you can have all students go through the first section together, then divide them into the position-specific training based on their interest. ​

Tip: Guest Service Gold® and the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP) program are the ideal starting point for your program, as every hospitality employee must have strong guest service skills.  All other training can build on that foundation. 

Should I offer the online or print/facilitated versions of your training? 

You are welcome to use the format that makes the most sense for your organization’s learning environment. However, based on our experience working with scores of workforce agencies, we have found that facilitated training offers a more in-depth experience for learners. You can engage them in conversations about the material, use role play and hands-on demonstrations to reinforce content, and provide experiences that appeal to visual, verbal, and kinetic learners. ​

Tip:  Work with a local property to set up a hospitality lab with mock guestroom and/or front desk so learners can practice skills like making beds, checking in guests, or answering phone calls. 

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