Hospitality and Tourism Management

Prepare high school students for a promising career in hospitality with the Hospitality & Tourism Management Curriculum.

Hospitality & Tourism Management, Second Edition introduces high school students to the world of hospitality, and the main segments of the industry: lodging, food and beverage operations, tourism, attractions and travel, and event management.

Why choose HTM for your program?

The American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is the world’s most reputable provider of hospitality training programs and credentials. In addition to aligning with national curriculum standards, the industry driven content highlights the knowledge and skills that hospitality leaders are looking for in their employees today.

HTM Front CoverThe curriculum focuses on three main goals:

  1. Generate interest in and provide a foundational understanding of hospitality segments and the world of career opportunities within the industry
  2. Present students with both career readiness and position-specific skills that will help them get started in the industry and set them on the path to success
  3. Prepare students to sit for an exam to earn the Hospitality & Tourism Specialist Credential which recognizes their knowledge and achievement

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HTM Product Suite

The Hospitality & Tourism Management curriculum is now a single volume text. The new format and modular content accommodates programs of any length with expanded coverage to represent all industry segments.  

eBook: The 365 day eBook gives students access to a mobile-friendly eText that can be accessed on their device or online. Students can take notes, search, create interactive study tools and complete in chapter auto- graded review questions. Videos are embedded into each chapter to help engage students and offer additional instruction.

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Student Activity Guide: An updated student workbook aligns with the text and offers opportunities for students to apply to knowledge in creative and meaningful activities. 

For Educators

The Online Teacher Resources for HTM, 2e have been greatly expanded to support educators using the new edition and help them effectively deliver the content to their class. With a subscription to these online resources will get access to an essential tool, the Teacher’s Companion as well as quizzes, test banks, power points, the instructor’s activity guide and lesson plan templates.

In addition, a subscription to the Online Teacher Resources includes access to the COVID-19 teacher’s supplement, to support teachers if they choose to incorporate information about the pandemic and recent impact on the industry.  

The Online Teacher Resources also include a new video library featuring engaging animated clips aligned with the text to introduce students to the content and offer further explanation of key concepts.

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Hospitality & Tourism Management, 2e was developed to include required objectives in state and national career and technical education standards for the hospitality program.

Table of Contents

Hospitality & Tourism Management

Table of Contents

Unit 1: The World of Hospitality

Chapter 1: What Is Hospitality?

Chapter 2: Careers in Hospitality and Tourism

Chapter 3: Welcoming Guests

Chapter 4: Workplace Skills and Expectations

Unit 2: Lodging Operations

Chapter 5: Introduction to the Lodging Industry

Chapter 6: The Front Office

Chapter 7: Housekeeping

Chapter 8: Engineering

Chapter 9: Safety and Security

Unit 3: Food and Beverage Operations

Chapter 10: The Restaurant Business

Chapter 11: Pricing and Profitability

Chapter 12: Food Safety and Sanitation

Chapter 13: Responsible Food and Beverage Service

Unit 4: Event Management

Chapter 14: Meetings, Conventions, and Special Events

Chapter 15: Banquets and Catering

Unit 5: Travel and Tourism

Chapter 16: Travel

Chapter 17: Tourism

Chapter 18: Attractions

Chapter 19: Resorts, Clubs, and Gaming

Chapter 20: Cruise Industry

Unit 6: Hospitality Business and Leadership Skills

Chapter 21: Effective Leadership

Chapter 22: Entrepreneurship

Chapter 23: Sales and Marketing

Chapter 24: Financial Management

New to the Second Edition

In addition to updated content throughout, the following significant changes were made to meet the needs of high school hospitality programs and provide an engaging and thorough exploration of the industry.

Improved Organization: To create a more flexible curriculum, Hospitality & Tourism Management has been combined into a single volume, allowing schools to more easily align the chapter content with the structure of their program. For each chapter, operational and managerial topics have been combined so that all students get exposure to both the fundamental concepts and the more advanced skills associated with leadership positions in the industry.

Teachers, use the bridge document and the new Online Teacher’s Resource Package  to help you easily transition to the new edition.

Contact Sales about requesting a pacing guide template to see how best to organize the content for your school.

Expanded Coverage of All Segments of Hospitality: Students now have the opportunity to learn more about all important areas of the industry. In addition to an updated unit on Lodging Operations, the Second Edition offers comprehensive coverage of Food and Beverage Operations, Event Management, and Travel and Tourism.

Integration of Key Themes:

Career Readiness Skills:  No matter what industry students end up working in, career readiness skills will be critical to their success. This edition helps students develop skills like problem solving, accountability, teamwork, and communication in the context of a hospitality workplace.

Global Awareness: Hospitality is a global business, bringing together people from around the world. The text helps students become more globally aware by providing international examples, discussions of cultural awareness, and coverage of cultural and operational differences in different countries.

Math Principles: The Second Edition continues to focus on applying math concepts in the running of a hospitality and tourism business. Examples, boxed features, and problems help students master key formulas and calculations used every day by hospitality professionals.

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HTM at Your School

Using HTM

Whether hospitality at your school is taught in one year or two, 5 days a week or on block scheduling, online or in person, the HTM curriculum and supplemental product suite can be used to meet the needs of your program.

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Promoting HTM

We know there are many layers to success for any program that you teach. It isn’t just about what happens in your classroom. You have to win the support of school boards, principals, parents and many other outside stakeholders, and partners.

What are some of the resources we can provide you? Ask for our:

  • World of Possibilities Brochure
  • Hotel Cross-Section Poster
  • Career Ladder

You can also share with boards and parents why hospitality is such an exciting opportunity for your students and how HTMP is the best option by providing such information as:

  • Industry endorsement: HTM is endorsed by such leading hotel and lodging brands as Marriott International, Omni Hotels and Resorts, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Interstate Hotels & Resorts, Aimbridge Hospitality, G6 Hospitality, Red Roof Inn, Crestline Hotels & Resorts, Real Hospitality, BF Saul Hospitality, and OTO Development.
  • HTM can provide seamless articulation to post-secondary education.
  • HTM prepares students for entering the work force in an entry level supervisory position.

Articulation Agreements

Establishing an articulation agreement between your high school and post-secondary schools in your region can encourage students to continue their education. Examples of articulation agreements are:

  • The “Seamless Curriculum” where high school classes are fully accepted by the post-secondary school
  • Credit for high school classes is awarded to students entering college
  • Advanced placement is given to students who successfully complete the Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

Learning objectives for each year of HTMP can be compared to hospitality management courses at four-year and two-year post-secondary schools. HTMP instructors can reach out to colleges in their area (especially those using AHLEI textbooks) and work with them to create agreements that offer their students an academic advantage when attending that institution.

Student Recruitment

It’s not enough to have an excellent, high quality program. You have to give students a reason to sign up.

There are many reasons your students should commit to a hospitality program:

  • Career opportunities: More than 50 percent of hotel general managers began their careers in hourly, entry-level positions. Most people start at the front line, but hospitality businesses of all variety have career paths in place. Every job prepares you for the next level. In order to manage, you need to know what you are managing. The hospitality industry takes care of its people—they work hard to keep employees by investing in their future.
  • College opportunities: HTM prepares a student for college. The material used in the program is the same material that is used in Hospitality Business courses around the country. They were developed from the same competencies and the same educational materials. Hospitality schools from around the world recognize AHLEI as the premier provider of educational material.
  • Financial opportunities: Hospitality is filled with careers that are financially rewarding for its team members. Even at the beginning of a career, an overwhelming number of entry-level jobs pay better than minimum wage. Even among those that do, 80 percent of them are eligible for promotion within one year and 100 percent within two years.
  • Portable skills: Interpersonal skills, integrity, professionalism, dependability, reliability, adaptability and flexibility, ability and willingness to learn, motivation, technology, guest service, marketing and sales, accounting, event planning, security, maintenance, and management.

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Student Credentials

HTM students are eligible to earn three different types of portable credentials—all of which are recognized by the hospitality industry around the world. These certificates align with higher level certifications offered by AHLEI, opening doors for students who want to become managers, executives, or specialized professionals in the hospitality industry.

There are no limits for students who get their start with HTM!

Certifications include:

Previous Edition

HTMP Content

Year 1

The content focuses on operation-level employee positions and responsibilities.

  • Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Program
  • Hospitality Soft Skills
  • Operational Areas
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Safety and Security

Student Textbook: $80 | Student Workbook with Exam Scan Sheet: $50 | Instructor Resource Kit: $450


Year 2

The content focuses on leadership and managerial responsibilities, knowledge, and skills.

  • Introduction to Leadership and Management
  • Hospitality Leadership Skills
  • Operational Leadership
  • Managing Food and Beverage Operations
  • Managing Business Operations
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Safety and Security

Student Textbook: $82 | Student Workbook with Exam Scan Sheet: $50 | Instructor Resource Kit: $450

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