Student Certification

There are no limits for students who get their start with HTMP!

HTMP students can earn two different types of portable certification—both of which are recognized by the hospitality industry around the world. These certifications stack with future certifications, opening doors for students who want to become managers, executives, or specialized professionals in the hospitality industry.

There are no limits for students who get their start with HTMP!

Certifications include:

Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional (CHTMP)

Certified Hospitality and Tourism Management Professional (CHTMP)

High school students can earn an industry-recognized, professional certification when they complete the two-year HTMP curriculum, pass both year’s exams and complete an internship experience. Those unable to complete an internship can take the online Knowledge Matters Virtual Business Hotel simulation.

This certification is available ONLY to graduates of the HTMP program. Learn how to apply.

AHLA Certifications for Hospitality Professionals

Students in the HTMP program can also earn globally-recognized hospitality industry credentials before they graduate, without any time in a hospitality position. These certifications, endorsed by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), are portable and stackable and can launch your students into many fulfilling career opportunities.

AHLA certifications provide your students with additional, self-contained enrichment that goes beyond our standard textbooks. They are easy to integrate into your curriculum and offer students an opportunity to learn from the same resources used to train those already working in the hospitality industry.

What’s more, because these are purchased separately, you can pick and choose the certifications that most meet the needs of your individual students.

AHLEI provides study resources for the certification exam (available in print or online) and once students have successfully passed the exam, they receive an industry-recognized certificate and a lapel pin for that designation.

Implementing these certifications into your program is both easy and flexible. You can:

  • Facilitate in your class as part of your daily lesson plans
  • Offer a half-day workshop for students who want to be certified
  • Assign the certification study and exams online as homework for your students

Guest Service Gold

You can start with the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP). This certification is for everyone at a hospitality property. It prepares your students to engage and connect with guests, anticipating their needs and helping to set their properties apart in today’s competitive market with excellent service.

To earn this certification, students must complete one of AHLEI’s Guest Service Gold training programs.  The Guest Service Gold program teaches your students solid guest service and recovery skills. They learn how to anticipate guest needs, deliver memorable experiences, and turn around difficult situations. Through print-based workbooks or online learning, students experience seven vignettes designed to motivate and inspire your students to “go for the gold” within a hotel or tourism setting:

The classroom training takes two to four hours to complete in a group setting. Or you can assign it as individual work with students taking the course online.

Those who pass the certification exam with a score of 70% or higher earn the Certified Guest Service Professional (CGSP) designation.


START logoStudents can also earn certifications for the most common entry-level hospitality positions:

  • Certified Front Desk Representative (CFDR). Front desk representatives greet guests, check them in, and make payment arrangements. They answer guest questions and make sure guests can get the services that they need while at the property. The Front Desk Representative certification recognizes that these employees are skilled at the many tasks they must perform and that they always provide an outstanding experience for guests.
  • Certified Restaurant Server (CRS). Restaurant servers are the ones who make guests feel welcome, can explain the menu, serve food, and provide all-around great service from the time guests arrive until they are ready to leave. The Certified Restaurant Server designation recognizes the high level of professionalism that is needed to succeed and to bring outstanding service to every guest.
  • Certified Breakfast Attendant (CBA). As more and more properties offer breakfast to get their guests day off to a great start, the importance of breakfast attendants cannot be overlooked. These employees provide food, beverages, and a warm welcome to guests at a property. The Certified Breakfast Attendant designation recognizes that they have the skills and knowledge to provide excellent food and beverage service every morning at a lodging property.
  • Certified Kitchen Cook (CKC). When a property has a reputation for great food, it’s because the kitchen cooks are doing an outstanding job. They are skilled in preparing food, using kitchen equipment properly, and ensuring that everything is kept safe and sanitary to put the highest quality food on each plate. The Certified Kitchen Cook credential recognizes kitchen employees who are committed to high standards in everything they do.
  • Certified Maintenance Employee (CME). There is so much at a lodging property that can go wrong; maintenance employees are the first to respond when something needs to be fixed and kept in top shape. The Certified Maintenance Employee designation recognizes that these employees know how to maintain the physical property, whether it is replacing faucets, fixing holes in the wall, or performing regular preventive maintenance. Their extensive skills ensure that guests stay in a well-maintained property.
  • Certified Guestroom Attendant (CGA). Guestroom attendants bring the shine to each guestroom, ensuring that the very reason guests come to the property–the guestroom, is kept to the highest standards of cleanliness. Certification recognizes that housekeepers are skilled in every cleaning task and that they greet guests warmly and respond to their guestroom needs.

These programs are supported by the START (Skills, Tasks, and Results Training) for Individual Positions programs. START resources present concise instructions for your students on how to perform key tasks correctly, along with the general hospitality knowledge and soft skills needed in the hospitality industry. These resources support everything you are teaching in the HTMP program.

The START program for each certification position includes:

  • All Employee Knowledge
  • Position-Specific Knowledge
  • Job Breakdowns

Each training package includes a study guide and a certification exam scan sheet. The course is also available online. Once students complete the program, they take a 30 multiple-choice question test. Those who pass with 70 percent or higher earn the certification for that position.

Need to know what certification is best for your students? Our academic advisors are waiting to answer your questions and provide the support you need to help your students. Contact us.


Certification gives your students a competitive edge over non-certified job seekers. It can also increase job retention and lead to opportunities to earn higher wages.

The certifications are also stackable. Later in their careers, students with these certifications who gain job experience can earn other AHLA certifications. These certifications are available for them later: 

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